Process Analytics Dashboard

Very few NHS organisations have an accurate view of their operational performance. It is very difficult to identify processes that are being performed inconsistently and by who. This can have a negative impact on patient care and finances but without the information needed to identify problem areas, we cannot improve them.

The situation is particularly challenging when an organisation changes or upgrades its patient administration system (PAS), or moves to a new electronic patient record (EPR) system.

Our Cymbio team has been working with the NHS to improve operational processes for over 11 years. We can shine a light on any process in the patient pathway and create single or multiple indicators to describe how efficiently it is being carried out.

Our Process Analytics Dashboard (PAD) monitors a set of key performance indicators at multiple points throughout the patient pathway to highlight under-performance, operational inefficiency, data quality issues and bottlenecks in operational process.

The dashboard can be quickly deployed onto almost any PAS and provides drill-down functionality at specialty, department, specific user or patient activity location to enable detailed root cause analysis.

Once problematic processes and poor data have been identified we work with your team to correct errors and implement sustainable improvements.

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