Improving healthcare quality with waiting list control and patient administration process optimisation

Waiting list management and patient administrative process optimisation are essential to the delivery of high quality healthcare and sound financial management. Our focus is on developing a clear and detailed understanding of your current waiting lists and the way that you manage them, tailoring our support accordingly.

We use our sophisticated analytics tools, highly experienced consultancy team, and our database of ‘zero interpretation’ operating procedures to ensure your patient administration functions are at the forefront of your clinical service delivery.

Referral to Treatment (RTT) and Waiting List Programme

Managing patient waiting lists and meeting RTT targets is a top priority for all trusts but one that continues to challenge us through inconsistent operational processes, constrained systems and complex reporting solutions. These challenges have significant clinical, efficiency and financial implications.

Our unique RTT approach takes the very best of Cymbio expertise and technology to create an accurate and up-to-date view of your RTT performance and waiting list position. Once we have identified errors and data quality issues, our NHS-experienced team will work with you to develop new processes, train staff and implement sustainable improvements.

Waiting list validation

The challenges of meeting reporting targets and managing patient pathways safely are compounded by poor data quality yet trusts often lack capacity to correct the data. To manage these challenges we have developed a systematic validation process that is auditable, efficient and satisfies clinicians’ need for quality assurance.

Our validation team offers both on-site and offsite resource to check and correct data, reducing risk and returning trusts to the reporting levels required within very short timescales.

Process Analytics Dashboard (PAD)

Having a clear view of operational process performance is critical for every NHS organisation. Without this it is difficult to know whether operational problems that impact patients are down to data quality or process integrity – and more importantly, where the problems lie.

We can identify inconsistencies in operational processes to help you get straight to the root of the problem and fix it. Our Process Analytics Dashboard monitors key performance indicators at multiple points along the patient pathway to highlight under-performance, inefficiency, data quality issues and bottlenecks in the process.

This will enable you to:

  • Monitor and benchmark your processes along the patient pathway
  • Identify where operational processes are leading to data quality issues
  • Identify missing data

Equipped with this information you can target your improvement activity to fix the right problems and create more efficient, patient-centric processes.

PAS/EPR deployment support

Deployment of new PAS/EPR systems frequently destabilise operations when data and information process gaps are exposed. This can often result in loss of control of waiting lists and the risk of patients ‘falling out’ of the pathway. Returning to business as usual after the event is a costly and disruptive exercise.

We will help you minimise these risks by preparing for a new system launch – or get you back on track following a PAS/EPR implementation.

Our NHS process experts will work with you to:

  • Define standardised, ‘right first time’ quality procedures to ensure staff maintain high quality PAS and EPR records
  • Reinforce the correct patient administration procedures to sustain the improvement
  • Use process analytics at granular level to identify and correct errors at user level
  • Manage waiting lists safely and efficiently in a new EPR environment

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