Delivering the Five Year Forward View through business intelligence: Looking at the future of healthcare shaped by analytics and technology

The market for analytics has matured significantly in the past five years and, although the health sector in the UK has many years of experience in this area, it would be fair to say it has not been at ‘the cutting edge’. A combination of the NHS Five Year Forward View, the Dalton Report and the government’s austerity strategy requires the NHS make savings – and to reinvent themselves as broader-based service providers, with a new care model and range of delivery options.

But the real challenge, as yet undefined, is how all of this will be achieved. We predict that with clear, effective implementation of analytics across the whole range of its functions, the NHS could achieve billions of savings over coming decades. And the effective application of analytical tools to visualise new service models, and the change management to deliver it, will be key. By following and adopting appropriate models and approaches from other industries, which have invested heavily in this area, the NHS could achieve billions of savings over the coming decades.

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