Clinical Governance

Safe, trusted clinical content.

We ensure our clinical content supports clinicians with the most up to date technology and clinical information available.

Our solutions are being utilised by leading healthcare providers and insurers around the world as the sophisticated infrastructure for their primary care electronic patient records and clinical decision support systems. These systems improve quality and safety of care and ensure that optimum outcomes are achieved for every patient, as well as driving operational efficiency.

Our skilled and experienced editorial team, works to rigorous editorial and content production processes and multi-level sign-off processes to guarantee that we deliver high quality and safe clinical content and quality standards to every customer and patient.

Our TeleGuide algorithms were originally authored by a team of physicians and nurses from Stanford University in California, USA and have subsequently undergone numerous rounds of structured review and updating by physicians, nurses, and other allied health care providers internationally.

Our WebGuide algorithms are derived directly from the world famous TeleGuides, and have been meticulously tailored to empower patients and their carers to make well informed health decisions wherever they may be.

All of our content is evidence-based and reviewed annually, with intervening updates based on new clinical developments whenever required. During this sophisticated updating process, sources of new information include major international clinical databases and, importantly, feedback from our many international customers – all of whom use the content in clinical environments on a daily basis.