Clinical coding

We are the largest private provider of healthcare clinical coding in the UK. Our focus is on accurate clinical coding services that deliver excellent data quality to clients.

We provide scalable clinical coding services to produce accurate coded data in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. Our services range from remote coding support to outsourced service delivery, through to innovative approaches supported by our unique automated coding. This flexible approach allows you to make best use of budgets and resource.

Our experienced staff are fully qualified expert coders proficient in coding all areas of healthcare, who work within rigorous quality controls to ensure all our outputs meet the highest IGT requirements.

We also work in partnership with providers to help improve coded data:

  • Query resolution – providing access to a national organisation with expert, in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of coding practice
  • Process reviews – ensuring the processes in place support efficient and accurate coding, and providing innovative ideas on coding delivery
  • Documentation reviews and clinical engagement – ensuring source information is complete and enables accurate coding
  • Clinical coding training – our TAP approved HSCIC trainers provide a wide range of training, mentoring and coder assessment services to help develop coding team capability