Cost and Local Tariff Setting

Outstanding financial control depends on accurate costing data.

Costing data provides business intelligence on the activity a hospital delivers, how much those services cost, how much income is generated by each service, and most importantly, why they cost what they do.

We provide independent and trusted assurance on the accuracy of your costing data and costing processes so you can make more informed decisions about your services. We bring insight gained from our costing standards work with NHS Improvement as well as extensive experience of delivering national audit programmes to help you implement and deliver sustainable world-class costing approaches.

Our team is highly skilled in engaging clinicians and unlocking the knowledge contained in detailed cost data to increase efficiency and reduce unwarranted clinical variation.


Local Tariff Setting

We work with healthcare organisations to set accurate and appropriate local tariffs, covering all mental health activity as well as acute services such as critical care, assessment or clinical decision units.

We ensure tariffs:

  • reflect the care being delivered – taking into account appropriate variation in service delivery
  • are transparent and justifiable to ensure buy-in from internal and external stakeholders
  • meet the requirements of current and future payment approaches
  • are linked to the development of quality outcomes.