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Clinical Coding
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Clinical coding processes are as important as any other healthcare service in optimising citizen health, assuring patient safety and maintaining financial control.

The NHS and private healthcare providers face continuous pressure to be more efficient and cost effective yet deliver higher quality services. Clinical coding services are no exception. Having worked in clinical coding data quality and services for over 10 years CHKS are uniquely positioned help you transform the way you deliver clinical coding.

We are the largest private provider of healthcare clinical coding, data analytics and quality assurance services in the UK. Our focus is ensuring that data accuracy drives high quality health service delivery and minimises clinical risk.

How We Do It

Good clinical coding services ensure that data is right first time, is produced on time and accurately reflects patient care. . Our clinical coding, training and assurance activity continuously reviews the quality of clinical coding to ensure data is accurate.

Our services help your organisation work in a modern and effective way to deliver high quality clinically coded data and allows you to focus on what you do best – deliver high quality healthcare to vulnerable patients.

Clinical Coding Solutions Available

We offer a range of services to support NHS and private healthcare providers to deliver high quality clinical coding

Remote Clinical Coding Support

All of our coders are experienced and ACC qualified and will code remotely or on site.

Automated Clinical Coding

Cutting edge solutions underpinning our clinical coding services transforming clinical coding using automation and artificial intelligence.

Clinical Coding Service Improvement

All of our coders are experienced and ACC qualified and will code remotely or on site.

Coder Training and Development

Cutting edge solutions underpinning our clinical coding services transforming clinical coding using automation and artificial intelligence.

Who We Partner With

Acute trusts

Mental health providers

Community providers

Independent healthcare providers

Partnering to ensure data and payments exactly reflect the care delivered

The Value to You

Pre and post pandemic it is increasingly hard to carry out clinical coding effectively, as the number of people needing care increases, activity increases, new facilities are created and the number of healthcare professionals available to treat them goes down. There’s less time and fewer resources to gather the data needed to stay compliant.

Operational Benefits of partnering with CHKS Clinical Coding

It strengthens existing coding teams

Is fully digital – quick and easy to implement

Reduces hospitals’ administrative costs

Enables healthcare professinals to focus on delivering care

Reputational Benefits of partnering with CHKS Clinical Coding

Produces high quality coding

Provides peace of mind that data is consistently and continuously produced during difficult times

Improves the accuracy of clinical coding, which enhances Trusts’ performance and reputations overall

Financial Benefits partnering with CHKS Clinical Coding

Outstanding financial control and commissioning depends on accurate data.
Tackling issues such as poor coding quality resulting in loss of income, staff shortages, high use of expensive contractors with new ways of working are core to our approach. This ensures patient care is accurately reflected so data is excellent, and you recognise the income due within constrained budgets.

Partnering with our team keeps your costs steady and enables you to plan for the long term when you know what your spend on clinical coding will be.

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Why Choose Us?

We’re the largest independent supplier of clinical coding services to private healthcare providers and the NHS – we clinically code more than 350,000 episodes of patient care annually.

Our services provide tangible benefits to your organisation such as using our automation service to free up coders from undertaking high volume routine work so they can code more complex activity accurately.

All our services are supported high quality information governance to ensure your data remains safe and secure.

Our consultancy services will help you to implement real and sustainable change

Healthcare Providers Who Have Benefited

“We needed our commissioners to trust that our data and billing is accurate. We now believe it is and achieving this has improved the relationships we have with commissioners and ultimately helped to grow our business with the NHS.”

Martin RennisonDirector of Commercial Contracting Spire Healthcare

“The service gives us excellent support with KPIs, showing that CHKS coders attain a high coding accuracy and 100 per cent timeliness. CHKS have developed a strong partnership, with regular meetings and monthly audits ensuring continual smooth working. This partnership has enabled costs savings and greater financial certainty over cost of clinical coding, as well as securing income through accurate and timely coding. "

Tracy CrookesHead of Applied Information, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching NHS Foundation Trust