Exceptional patient experience extends beyond clinical service delivery.

Waiting list errors caused by poor administrative processes and poor data quality create clinical risk, increase non-value add and wasteful activities, and reduce your ability to plan services effectively.

Excellent clinical delivery can be compromised as a result of unsafe administrative management of patient pathways. Despite much focus and effort on improving the situation, the picture has changed little over this time period. Increased demands on health services and patients with multiple and more complex needs compound waiting list problems. However, there are practical steps that we can take now to address the situation and improve care quality, patient experience and service efficiency.

Our Cymbio team are experts in patient pathway and waiting list management. We have built a strong reputation in the NHS for delivering proven and successful patient pathway administration solutions. By establishing and standardising patient administration processes, systems and information we improve patient outcomes, reduce clinical risk and increase operational efficiency. So whether you are improving back office efficiency, getting back to business as usual after a PAS implementation or trying to get waiting lists under control, we can help.

Common challenges

In our recent experience of working with 35 Trusts to improve waiting list management and patient pathway administration we have observed a number of challenges that are common in many organisations.

  • Clinical administration process are often not defined in detail and evolve over time, resulting in process inconsistency and poor control of patient pathways.
  • Patient administration systems often do not adequately support current operational processes, which exacerbates process inconsistency.
  • Inaccuracies in data from these operational systems distort the true picture of performance.
  • Complex reporting systems evolve over time to correct the distorted view of performance which introduces risk of loss of patients from waiting lists.
  • Costly and time consuming manual validation and correction of data is undertaken.
  • Insufficient effort is applied to resolve the underlying process issues at source.
  • The right people in the organisation i.e. those on the ground are not involved in fixing the problem – accountability for improvement is not in the right place.
  • The problem is viewed by too many as an operational rather than a clinical safety issue.

Moving towards a solution

Asking the following questions will help you understand the impact of waiting lists on clinical outcomes and assess the scale and sources of the problems:

  • Who is responsible for waiting lists and who is responsible clinically for the patients on those lists?
  • How confident are you in the accuracy of your waiting list and underlying operational processes?
  • What information is available to you to assess your waiting lists and how their managed?
  • How long are your waiting lists?
  • How is the waiting list being proactively managed?
  • Are patients being lost from waiting lists and if so, what are the risks and consequences of those losses?
  • How are you managing waiting list risks?
  • What work is being done to improve data quality and patient administration processes?
  • What would the reputational impact be if you had a major safety issue related to a waiting list?

Why Cymbio?

Our 300 strong Cymbio team has over 12 years’ experience of improving patient administration processes and waiting list management.

Our unique and proven approach has enabled acute trusts to regain control of waiting lists – reducing clinical risk, improving efficiency and ensuring data used for reporting is accurate and reliable.

Tools and methodology are just one element of change. The success of our programmes lies in our unique approach, which considers your strategy, organisation, culture, processes, information needs and technical structures. We work at a granular level of detail to understand where the failure points are and make sure new processes are highly efficient and deliver a seamless patient experience. By working directly with your teams we ensure that new ways of working are embedded into daily working practices and sustainable.

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