Managing CHC invoicing has always been an expensive and time consuming activity for commissioners. Multiple invoices every period mean labour-intensive checks and manual payment processes. Poor patient data quality often result in incorrect payments and a high volume of disputes.

We have created a radical solution that reduces cost, increases efficiency and improves financial control. Our CHC Invoicing Tool is an easy to use, online system that automatically reconciles residential care home and domiciliary care provider invoices against the CHC patient records.


  1. Immediate and significant cost savings
  2. Provider invoices are more accurate and reflect the care provided
  3. Invoice processing costs are lower
  4. Volume of disputes and associated admin time is significantly reduced
  5. Patient records are more accurate
  6. Improved financial management and service planning
  7. Faster payments to providers maintains cash flow
  8. Staff time is freed up to focus on complex or value-add activities
  9. Increased transparency and accountability between CHC providers and CCGs
“The first two care homes that implemented the system generated savings of around £100,000 each.”
-CHC Project Manager

How it works

Providers view on-line proforma invoices which are automatically generated from the patient care plans held by the CCG. Each provider invoice is itemised to show what care was provided, to which patients, and the amount due from the CCG.

Providers can agree to each itemised patient invoice, or can raise disputes where the amount or other details appear incorrect. Agreed invoices are automatically sent for batch payment while disputed invoices are flagged to the CCG for immediate attention and resolution. Typically this involves correcting the patient record.