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How better clinical decision making, patient education and information, and clinical triage reduces pressure on health systems

Health systems have come under significant pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic, but while infection rates in many countries are gradually decreasing, health services are beginning a new to face a new challenge.

As economies rebuild, the inevitable need for capacity will load more pressure on embattled health services trying to treat any resurgence in Covid-19 infections alongside the reintroduction of core services. In the UK, one estimate suggests NHS waiting lists will top 10 million by this Autumn.

The health systems that will fare best in the face of this challenge are those that operate most efficiently by reducing bottlenecks. These are health systems where clinicians can make informed and timely decisions. They are systems where patients are provided with timely information and resources to help them effectively navigate a health crisis. They will also have triage systems in place to ensure that the right services are accessed in the most appropriate way to deliver fast and effective care.

New partnership provides the building blocks to improving care

Such health systems are not pure fiction, they are attainable as we have seen in Australia with Healthdirect. This is a national, government-funded, not-for-profit organisation that, supported by Capita Healthcare Decisions technologies, delivers a range of innovative telehealth services. It provides Australians with trusted health information and advice, when and where they need it. Since the launch of its Covid-19 service, Healthdirect has seen a 600 per cent increase in service usage and has, with its dedicated Covid-19 helplines, advised more than 2.5 million users over eight weeks.

North America is another healthcare system where operational efficiency is likely to improve thanks to the partnership between Capita Healthcare Decisions and Healthwise, The combination of patient education and information resources with patient engagement and relationship platform improves the management of patient encounters and outcomes.

Capita Healthcare Decisions’ Salus Universal Solution is a powerful patient relationship management solution that uses accredited clinical content to facilitate best clinical practice, record keeping and auditing, as well as assisting in decision making, for improved efficiency and safe, appropriate outcomes for patients.

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