Managing The Spread Of Disease

In a pandemic situation, disease can spread rapidly across the country and around the world. A substantial percentage of the world’s population will require some form of medical care and effective access to appropriate, accurate healthcare information. This has the potential of overwhelming healthcare facilities and outstripping supplies of the relevant resources.  Providing public access to health information and advice, and effective volume of enquiries handling distribution of drugs, are primary components of the management strategy to limiting the spread of infection and reducing demand on health resources.

COVID-19 Outbreak: 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic is unlike anything we have experienced for generations, the sweeping political and social response during peacetime is also the most prevalent in recent history, in turn impacting significantly the healthcare systems in countries around the world.

Capita Healthcare Decisions software is facilitating the care and wellbeing of people potentially affected, and helping in preventing its ongoing spread. 

Taking Control

Capita Healthcare Decisions Pandemic Triage solution has been designed by health professionals to help manage an outbreak at the earliest possible stage. The solution enables the public and health workers to accurately assess potential cases, provide care advice and, where appropriate, authorise and issue the relevant healthcare protocols.

The solution is modular and multi-channel, supporting phone, web, IVR and SMS as required. These channels can work together or standalone, and can also be integrated into other services such as CRMs, GP, hospital, and pharmacy systems.

Supporting Healthcare Contact Centres

Capita Healthcare Decisions Pandemic Triage can be used by clinicians and call handlers to quickly and accurately assess patients and determine eligibility and prioritise accordingly. Dashboards keep users appraised of health trends, messages and alerts. The system is quickly deployed, highly flexible and supports operators at home, office and abroad, ensuring full utilisation of available staff and rapid up-scale to meet demand.

Public Self Assessment

By facilitating rapid access to medical assessment and advice, our self-assessment triage solutions provide reassurance and clear guidance to the public. Whether they self-assess via the web, SMS or by phone through an IVR, patients are accurately triaged and directed to the appropriate resources without the need for a clinician.

Consistent and Accurate

Consistent use of the clinical algorithms and content in the call centre and self-assessment channels enables consistency of triage and referral of patients to the right point of care based on demands and severity. The clinical algorithms and the outcomes that underpin Capita Healthcare Decisions Pandemic Triage solution can also be easily modified and quickly adapted as the situation develops and the demands change.


  • Assists in limiting the spread of infection
  • Fast deployment to respond to surge in demand
  • Assessment through multiple channels
  • Consistent approach to assessment of symptoms, priorities and signposting of care pathways
  • Supports those who are unwell but can self care
  • Efficient utilisation of resources
  • Ability to quickly adapt advice and outcomes

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