ExpertPhysio Solution

Our ExpertPhysio solution brings together our powerful decision management software with our bespoke physioguides triage content. The solution gives you the capability to offer robust, clinically appropriate online physiotherapy assessments. ExpertPhysio automates the triage process that would traditionally have been carried out by a physiotherapist over the phone.

Screen How does it work?

Our ExpertPhysio solution provides a clinical assessment of the patient’s musculoskeletal symptoms and quickly directs them to the most appropriate care option available. As an online solution, support is available to your patients 24/7.

Spine PhysioGuide Content

Our insight into the physiotherapy market has enabled us to create a base set of algorithms specifically for musculoskeletal symptoms. The algorithms are presented as a flow of questions linked with logic statements.

The questions presented take into account the response given to the preceeding questions and lead the patient to the most appropriate outcome.

Exercise Consistent, Accurate and Low Risk

Use of the algorithms ensures consistency of triage – and the referral of patients to the right next stage of care, whether this be supported self-care, or an appointment to see a therapist.

The service can be available to patients through web, mobile and SMS, giving patients choice and access to care whenever they need it, and wherever they happen to be.


  • Ensures consistent best practice approach to physio triage
  • Gives members the flexibility to access the service in different ways
  • Enables service scalability