Clinical Content Consultancy – Our Team

Dr Charles Young BSc (Hons), MBBS (Hons), MRCP

Group Senior Medical Officer

Charles trained in medicine in London and continues to practice as an emergency physician for one day each week at St Thomas’ hospital, London. For the last 15 years he has spent the majority of his time in a range of editorial, evidence based medicine, clinical decision support and healthcare IT strategic leadership roles. These roles have included Executive Editor at The Lancet, Editor in Chief at the BMJ Evidence Centre, and Vice President for Clinical Solutions at Wiley. At present, Charles is also a longstanding member of the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) External Accreditation committee, a member of the Cochrane Collaboration editorial committee, and Editor in Chief of the Clinical Case Reports journal. Charles lectures internationally and his current focus is on clinical decision support and the interface between clinical information, healthcare technology, and clinical workflows. Charles also teaches and writes on editorial process design, clinical content updating strategies, medical writing / publishing, peer review, and critical appraisal of published research. He has written many book chapters, scientific papers, and opinion leading articles in global peer reviewed journals.

Charles’ role at Capita Healthcare Decisions involves leading the clinical editorial team, defining and leading the company’s clinical information strategy, and contributing to the overall strategic development of the company through his work as part of the Senior Leadership Team. Charles takes a customer focused approach to all of his activities, and is expert in assessing clinical workflows, and information based requirements.

Nargis Mandry

Medical Writer

Nargis has over 10 years experience in creating evidence based health information. Nargis has created a wide range of resources for print and online including booklets, factsheets, leaflets, features, health videos, risk assessment tools, clinical quick-guides and online learning modules for major health brands, health insurance providers and other sectors.

Nargis holds the 2015 Plain English Award and 11 BMA Patient Information Awards. Since 2011, Nargis has been a specialist reviewer for the BMA awards and in 2015 was invited to sit on the final judging panel.

Nargis joins Capita Healthcare Decisions as a medical writer.

Rachel Ryan BPharm (Hons), Certificate in Pharmacy Practice

Clinical Editorial Manager

Rachel is an experienced pharmacist, medical editor, medical writer, and drug information expert. After qualifying as a pharmacist, Rachel worked briefly in community pharmacy and then for a private hospital group in Central London. Whilst working in hospital, she gained extensive experience in many areas of clinical pharmacy including oncology, gastroenterology, and high-dependence units. In addition to her clinical role, Rachel also led a key strategic group-wide project customising and implementing the pharmacy module of an integrated whole-hospital digital system.

Rachel worked for BNF (British National Formulary) Publications from 1997 until 2014. During this time she progressed from Staff Editor to the acting Managing Editor for the BNF, managing a team of 23 editors and support staff responsible for the provision of the entire content for BNF and BNF for Children, creating, editing, reviewing and updating drug information for these world-leading products. In addition Rachel has co-edited the WHO (World Health Organisation) Model Formulary (WMF) 2004 and 2006, and contributed to WMF 2002. Rachel has also written for a range of peer reviewed international publications including the WHO Model Formulary, Clinical Pharmacist, and Drug Interactions and Hormonal Contraception.

At Capita Healthcare Decisions, Rachel is a medical writer managing external experts who create and review our content and editing content so that it meets precisely our customers’ requirements.

Victoria Tillett BSc (Hons; Chemistry), MSc (Information & Library Studies)

Information Specialist and Medical Writer

Victoria is a qualified Librarian and experienced Information Scientist with a degree in Chemistry. Having worked in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for 8 years Victoria moved to the public sector, working for the NHS for 5 years as Assistant Library Services Manager and Clinical Librarian. Victoria specialises in conducting complex literature searches, developing and delivering current awareness services, and in critical appraisal and evidence based clinical practice. Victoria is also a successful medical writer, having created a range of different content types to fit user requirements. Her particular passions are using her analytical and problem solving skills to ensure delivery of a high level of service, and delivering end user library and information support and training to teams and customers both locally and globally.

At Capita Healthcare Decisions, Victoria leads our approach to international biomedical database search and review, and takes an active role in our content creation and updating processes.

Lorraine Beech BA (nursing)

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Lorraine has a BA degree in Nursing along with both General and Sick Children’s registered nursing qualifications, and has many years of experience as a clinical information writer and editor, specialising in clinical triage information and digital information delivery.

Having worked in paediatric and general emergency departments for 7 years Lorraine moved into tele-health and e-health practice, taking a role as a Nurse Advisor with the newly developed NHS 24 in Scotland, UK. Over the following 9 years Lorraine developed a passion for digital health and health information, and has gained experience from a broad range different roles within NHS 24, working as a Practice Educator, Clinical Development Nurse and Senior Nurse Practice Development Lead. Lorraine understands the need to have clinical information, which is evidence and best practice based, available to clinicians in a format which is user friendly and ensures the best possible care for patients whilst also being cognisant of the healthcare delivery models and constraints of the environment the organisation is serving. Lorraine is an expert in creating, editing, and updating health information for digital delivery. Lorraine moved to North Queensland, Australia in 2010 to develop an understanding of the Australian healthcare setting by taking a role in Intensive Care and progressed to work in a community setting.

At Capita Healthcare Decisions, Lorraine is a medical writer managing external experts who create and review our content and editing content so that it meets precisely our customers’ requirements.

Shelly Stickel

Shelly Stickel (Associates degree in nursing)

Medical Writer / Expert Adviser

Shelly is energetic and passionate registered nurse with over 10 years’ experience in acute and emergency care. Shelly has 11 years’ experience in health informatics, clinical decision support, telephone triage, electronic medical records, and health information with a passion for patient safety, consistency of care, and healthcare efficiency. Shelly is also an expert trainer in clinical decision support content and systems as well in a range of clinical specialties. Shelly believes that properly designed and implemented healthcare technology and information improves the efficiency of healthcare systems and increases patient safety.

Shelly has successfully designed, authored, trained, and implemented information technology solutions across the world. Shelly previously worked as lead clinician in the design of Capita Healthcare Decisions’ decision support authoring tool which revolutionized our decision support authoring process internally and for our customers. Shelly was among the team who established and maintained clinical governance processes around Capita HealthCare Decisions’ decision support content authoring systems, and now works part time for the Capita Healthcare Decisions team providing expert guidance and as a medical writer and spends the majority of her time in clinical practice.