Private Medical Insurance

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Challenges for private medical insurance (PMI) providers are growing and evolving rapidly – we can help. Increasing demand from policy holders to utilise the most innovative technology alongside clinical excellence, teamed with the rise in people coping with multiple illnesses add to the pressure placed on PMI services.

We understand that insurers around the world need to deliver a service to policy holders that is safe, consistent and gives a great patient experience. Success here brings better health and competitive market advantage. Health lines are also an expensive undertaking and return on investment for this vital service is important.
Our innovative solutions are built on our experience of working closely with PMI providers and play a key role in supporting the provision of excellent services to policy holders throughout the world. We help you exceed service user expectations.

Our technology provides multi- channel and multi-device health advice so policy holders are empowered to manage their own health, reducing unnecessary care costs. Policy holders will receive more appropriate healthcare for lower operational costs.

By giving a consistent and accurate best-practice approach to symptoms or claims assessment, significantly reduced operational costs can be achieved through shorter call handling times and more accurate decisions, while at the same time minimising clinical risk. Call handlers and digital systems will get better information faster, supporting safer and more accurate decisions.

Our ‘healthcare without borders’ approach enables patients access to local services and care providers.

Our Services for PMI Providers

Service demand management

Safe and efficient health services depend on our ability to manage demand, create the right care pathway and keep patients flowing through the system. Understanding demand, empowering patients, enabling clinicians and improving decision-making information – we can help you better understand service demand, influence citizen choice and make best use of healthcare resources.

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Clinical support

Our clinical content is used in decision support tools to help clinicians assess a patient’s presenting symptoms and the severity of the situation. This leads to an evidence-based outcome, and an efficient and timely referral to appropriate care. Robust clinical governance processes underpin our content management and ensure that we deliver high quality, relevant and safe content.

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Our solutions for PMI Providers

Telephone Triage

Telephone-based patient assessment is revolutionising healthcare across the world. Patients can quickly access quality health advice and support over the phone, relieving the pressure on public healthcare systems.

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Self Service

Self Service empowers people to assess their own needs and access information at a time and place that is most convenient to them. Utilising automated communications channels such as web, IVR and SMS allows organisations to serve more customers with fewer resources, and thus reduce costs.

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Insurers across the world rely on our technology to provide their members with access to safe, timely health advice and information.

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Clinical Content

Our clinical content suite is a set of symptom based algorithms developed by clinicians to support healthcare decisions.

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Patient Relationship Management

Patient Relationship Management is a powerful solution that utilises accredited clinical content to facilitate best clinical practice, record keeping and auditing, as well as assisting in decision making, for improved efficiency and safe, appropriate patient outcomes.

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