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We transform healthcare.

We bring together talent and technology to power healthcare decision making, and create sustainable health services that are built around informed citizens.

The Challenge

Healthcare systems around the world face an immediate pressure to transform in the face of unprecedented demand and financial constraint. In healthcare now more than ever, good decision making is everything. Patient outcomes, safety, service quality, organisational efficiency and financial control all depend on confident, consistent, and auditable decision-making. Those decisions require the most up-to-date information, knowledge, talent and technology– which is exactly what we provide.

What We Do

We improve healthcare globally through the application of talent and technology. We do this by designing and delivering proven, market leading products and services that address the biggest challenges facing healthcare systems today. We empower citizens to make informed decisions about their health, clinicians to ensure they are accurate in their clinical decision making, commissioners to select the right services and clinical administrators to ensure that process and data are of the highest quality.

Our People

We are passionate about making a difference in health. Our team of clinicians, technologists, quality improvement professionals and health data experts has a record of delivering innovative, successful and large-scale solutions around the world. We have the knowledge and expertise to enable healthcare organisations create high quality, financially sustainable health services that are built around the service user. With experience gained from the NHS, independent healthcare providers and the wider private sector, we help you achieve what you never thought possible.

Our Products and Services


We understand what good looks like and will show you how to achieve it. Our quality improvement tools and services ensure your organisation is delivering the safest, highest quality care to patients and service users.


Up to date and evidence-based clinical information is the bedrock of safe healthcare services. Our clinical content is used in decision support tools to help clinicians assess a patient’s presenting symptoms and the severity of the situation. This leads to an evidence-based outcome, and an efficient and timely referral to appropriate care.


Our decision support technology, and our Patient Relationship Management platform built upon Microsoft Dynamics is proven to reduce demand on emergency services by directing patients to the right service at the right time – whilst allowing the development of a single patient record and patient centered care pathways.


Healthcare decisions offers a range of world class, proven administrative services that can be delivered on or off site to drive up efficiency and maximise admin team productivity. We guarantee that your clinical administrative processes will be robust and that the administrative function is delivered in the most cost-effective way by highly trained, experienced teams.


In a pandemic situation, disease can spread rapidly across the country and around the world. A substantial percentage of the world’s population will require some form of medical care and effective access to appropriate, accurate healthcare information.


Continuous improvement means learning, sharing and celebrating best practice. It’s about understanding what good looks like and how to get there. We make this easy for you through our Top Hospitals Programme. Every year we benchmark every UK health organisation on a wide range of clinical and operational indicators to identify the best in class.

We audit over 200,000 patient episodes every year.
We have analysed over 100 million healthcare records.

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