Safe and efficient health services depend on our ability to manage demand, create the right care pathways and keep patients flowing through the system. While cost and demands make high quality care provision a challenging task, there are steps we can take to better understand service demand, influence citizen choice and make best use of healthcare resources.

Right care, right place, right time.

Understanding demand

The rise of big data means that healthcare analytics can now power demand management in ways that were unachievable just a few years ago. From a view of all the care services an individual has accessed over time, to demand analysis at whole systems level, we now have sophisticated tools to monitor service usage and model the impact of change.

Our health data experts apply years of knowledge and market-leading analytics tools to inform healthcare planning and ensure you make the right decisions about your services.

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Empowering patients

How we empower patients to take control of their health will determine the shape of future service demand.

Supporting citizens in making the right healthcare choices is the first step.

Our sophisticated decision support technology provides web-based information that helps users make the best healthcare choices. Our decision support tools are proven to reduce demand on emergency services by identifying and prioritising specific patient needs and directing patients to the most appropriate care services.

Enabling clinicians


Technology and information are changing the way we deliver health services. Triage and decision support tools allow us to reshape health service models and change demand patterns while still driving improvements in care quality.

We equip your clinicians with the most up to date clinical guidance and decision making tools so they can make the best healthcare decisions with their patients, whether the consultation is face to face, by video or by phone.

For clinicians assessing patient needs at first point of contact, our triage solution ensures patients are referred to the most appropriate care service. By supporting the care of over 320 million people globally, we provide the most extensively used and trusted clinical triage system in the world.

Patient Relationship Management

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salus is a powerful patient relationship management solution that utilises accredited clinical content to facilitate best clinical practice, record keeping and auditing, as well as assisting in decision making, for improved efficiency and safe, appropriate outcomes for patients.

Delivering efficient and connected services

Delivering efficient and connected services leading to better patient outcomes is key to designing better healthcare. At Capita we know Healthcare providers need to direct their patients to the right information at the right time – improve outcomes, reassure the public, and reduce the cost per patient for both triage and treatment.

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Our products



Our powerful, efficient, flexible Decision Management System.

From high risk, time critical environments such as medical emergency assessment, to business process workflows, our Decision Management System (DMS) is fully customisable to your needs. Build and manage the decision support you need simply, and publish across multiple channels.

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Powerful Patient Relationship Management built on Microsoft Dynamics.

Healthcare providers across the world face the same challenges of improving access to quality care through collaboration, while managing rising demand and costs. From national health services and multi-national insurers, to private medical institutions and public hospitals, Salus is delivering improved cost efficiency, productivity and patient care.

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Our TeleGuides content suite supports efficient and effective clinical assessment of a patient’s presenting symptoms over the phone.

We can meet the needs of a small single call centre, or a national service, enabling you to reach out to your patients and provide them with a safe but active role in their own care.

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Safe, trusted online health assessments and advice available to patients via the web and SMS.

Our WebGuides content provides an intuitive online service to patients, allowing them to check their symptoms and receive advice about what to do next.

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