Our Solutions

By bringing together the right talent and technology from across our organisation, we can create bespoke solutions that address specific challenges.

Telephone Triage

Telephone-based patient assessment is revolutionising healthcare across the world. Patients can quickly access quality health advice and support over the phone, relieving the pressure on public healthcare systems.

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Self Service

Self Service empowers people to assess their own needs and access information at a time and place that is most convenient to them. Utilising automated communications channels such as web, IVR and SMS allows organisations to serve more customers with fewer resources, and thus reduce costs.

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Insurers across the world rely on our technology to provide their members with access to safe, timely health advice and information.

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Clinical Content

Our clinical content suite is a set of symptom based algorithms developed by clinicians to support healthcare decisions.

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Clinical Hub

Our solution platform provides the interoperability to enable a single source of patient data and outcomes and incorporates workflows to create a hub functionality.

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Pandemic Triage

Our Pandemic Triage solution enables the public and health workers to assess cases, provide care advice and authorise and issue antivirals.

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Patient Relationship Management

Patient Relationship Management is a powerful solution that utilises accredited clinical content to facilitate best clinical practice, record keeping and auditing, as well as assisting in decision making, for improved efficiency and safe, appropriate patient outcomes.

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Integrated Urgent Care

Providing patients and healthcare professionals with a centralised service for accessing and co-ordinating care is not a new concept – the technology exists.

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