Patient Relationship Management System

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Powerful Patient Relationship Management

Healthcare providers across the world face the same challenges of improving access to quality care while managing rising demand and costs. From national health services and multi-national insurers, to private medical institutions and public hospitals, Salus is delivering improved cost efficiency, productivity and patient care.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salus is a powerful patient relationship management solution that utilises accredited clinical content to facilitate best clinical practice, record keeping and auditing, as well as assisting in decision making, for improved efficiency and safe, appropriate outcomes for patients.

Salus connects people, information and systems, enabling healthcare institutions to move away from isolated legacy application and paper based processes. It helps physicians, nurses and administrators to work as a single integrated team to improve clinical decision making and coordinate the delivery of patient care.

Single Solution for Public and Private Health Organisations

Salus offers a broad, deep solution for all organisations that are involved in the delivery of healthcare services.

For public, national health institutions, Salus facilitates collaborative care and effective, robust case management across the patient pathway.

For private health insurers, Salus manages the complex relationships and interactions between members, providers and the services they offer, improving service efficiency, member loyalty and providing proactive campaign management to promote health and wellness.

Accurate, Extensive Patient Information

Salus provides a single, accurate source of patient, referrer, provider and services information. From the intuitive interface users can create and edit identification, domestic, social and contact information about the patient. This rich data can be utilised for outreach campaigns such as smoking cessation, and for identifying and analysing trends.

Clinical users are also provided with comprehensive medical information like allergies, injury, treatment and prescriptions, test results, observation notes etc. Secure access to this information at point-of-care enables clinicians to make informed, timely decisions.

Point-Of-Care Support

Whether you are a doctor at a clinic or hospital, a mobile care worker, or nurse giving advice over the phone, Salus provides decision making information, data capture and information delivery at the point of patient contact.

The intuitive interface guides the user through the process of accurately documenting each patient encounter, preventing missed information and ensuring adherance to procedure. All information relating to the encounter and patient is fully auditable.

Telephone Triage

Globally our decision support technology has taken over 100 million calls, making it the most extensively used and trusted health triage solutions in the world

Delivering efficient and connected services

Delivering efficient and connected services leading to better patient outcomes is key to designing better healthcare. At Capita we know Healthcare providers need to direct their patients to the right information at the right time – improve outcomes, reassure the public, and reduce the cost per patient for both triage and treatment.

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Minimise clinical risk

Fast, intuitive and easy to use

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