Self Service empowers people to assess their own needs and access information at a time and place that is most convenient to them. Utilising automated communications channels such as web, IVR and SMS allows organisations to serve more customers with fewer resources, and thus reduce costs.

DMS Decision Management System

Our Decision Management System facilitates the rapid creation of online assessments, intelligent forms and automated decision making. Choose from a wide range of question types, languages and multimedia. Incorporate logic to eliminate unnecessary steps, add scoring for assessing risk, and integrate your workflows with 3rd party systems and databases to include additional information and inform decisions. Examples include symptom checkers, patient information and resource matching, risk analysis, eligibility determination, employee assistance, benefits management, disease tracking, and many more.

Enable your patients and customers to assess their symptoms online or via an app, and get advice about how to treat themselves or where and when to access care.

Combined with clinical content, such as WebGuides,the service guides users through a quick assessment and advises what to do next.

The service is completely flexible to meet business and country requirements. Adapt the advice, language and outcomes to the user’s location, so they are provided with relevant information about medicines, local conditions and health providers nearest to them.

HealthDirect Australia has utilised this technology to provide millions of Australians with access to 24/7 health advice via a Symptom Checker at –



An ageing population, the growth of digital by default, and patients that are often living in rural or remote locations, has made online access a vital part of the way we ensure that all Australians receive good quality health advice and assessment.

The Symptom Checker places users at the centre of decision-making by guiding them to the appropriate healthcare option based on their current symptoms, helping them find local health services, and providing links to further information about their symptoms and possible causes.

Professor Anton Donker, Chief Information Officer at Healthdirect Australia