Empower patients to take care of their own health

There will always be times when people are concerned about their health but are unsure whether they need to see a doctor. Giving your patients access to an easy to use, safe online symptom-assessment solution, such as Salus WebGuides empowers them to take care of their own health.

An exceptional patient experience which reduces the pressure on services

Salus WebGuides supports patients in making informed decisions about their care and where to access the services they need, enabling them to take control and greater responsibility for their own health, which in turn helps reduce misconceptions and anxiety.

Featuring online assessments, intelligent forms and automated decision making, WebGuides is built by clinicians but written for patients, giving practical care advice which can be followed easily. Clear and concise questioning helps patients assess whether their symptoms require immediate medical attention, or if they can be managed through self-care.

Offering WebGuides as part of your online patient experience provides an alternative and convenient way for your patients to access quality health advice and support whilst reducing unnecessary emergency department visits and GP appointments.



An ageing population, the growth of digital by default, and patients that are often living in rural or remote locations, has made online access a vital part of the way we ensure that all Australians receive good quality health advice and assessment.

The Symptom Checker places users at the centre of decision-making by guiding them to the appropriate healthcare option based on their current symptoms, helping them find local health services, and providing links to further information about their symptoms and possible causes.

Professor Anton Donker, Chief Information Officer at Healthdirect Australia