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Patient outcomes at the heart

We help healthcare providers and payers provide patients with the right services, at the right time, in the right place. We help you to provide high quality patient care by enabling you to measure and improve your organisation’s capability, people, process and patient focus.

We support over 170 million lives across the world through our telephone triage service.

We have successfully enabled over 100 million safe and effective patient encounters.

We process over 6 million new patient registrations each year, so that each person has access to their local GP

We safeguard quality and safety of care through comparative benchmarking and analytics that facilitates peer comparison against a library of over 600 performance indicators.

Our clinical decision support solution covers all presenting symptoms and more. With over 500 clinical flows within our data set. We also support medical device queries, social issues, mental health and musculoskeletal issues.

We support and celebrate our 100+ health and care organisations around the globe to improve their patient care and experience by putting patients and carers at the centre of their care delivery.

Unrivalled expertise

We are improvement experts in the healthcare sector. Over 30 years of experience has shown us that advancing means knowing what good looks like and how to get there. Our team of subject matter experts, with their individual specialised knowledge, support every client to help them turn high quality data into actionable insights for substantial improvement.

Our team of NHS data experts, clinicians and quality managers have worked with more than 400 healthcare organisations around the world to improve population health.

We are the only healthcare information and improvement organisation that also offers quality improvement and accreditation services.

We are the only supplier to provide benchmarking analysis using all three known risk adjusted mortality indicators.

We have served over 85 healthcare providers across the UK in reducing costs and enabling service control.

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Trusted technology

We offer advanced digital solutions designed by an unrivalled team of health data experts, clinicians and technologists to provide you with vital insight you can trust. Our rapid data collection and processing ensures that your data can be quality checked and made available within 48 hours, allowing early review, investigation, and intervention. The algorithms we have developed are accurate, reliable and impartial. We have enabled over 100 million successful patient encounters to date

Our market-leading audit and benchmarking tool, iCompare, is used across the world.

Our decision support services are proven to reduce demand on emergency services by identifying and prioritising specific needs.

We have been developing market-leading analytics, decision support software and programmes that improve quality, safety and efficiency along the full patient journey.

We clinically code over 350,000 patient episodes every year to ensure patient information and NHS payments are accurate.

Our decision support content is highly accurate, in over 98% of instances our algorithms provided exactly the same advice as would have been given by a clinician.

Partnering for improvement

We put partnership at the core. Forming strong personal relationships with clients, maintaining consistent, flexible and responsive contact to meet their individual needs. We work alongside you to help you meet your specific goals through recognised industry data and world-class healthcare standards and measures. Our dedicated team of experts is here to support you whenever you need us, including rapid response to pandemic and epidemic outbreaks, and 24/7 holistic and integrated support.

We are unique in providing one integrated package – we are a systems integrator, implementer, developer, support and maintenance provider – we own all accountability.

We develop fully localised and adapted clinical content thatmeets regional and national healthcare guidelines and fits cultural norms and best practices.

We have partnered with 80% of NHS organisations and manage the emergency operations used by all but one NHS ambulance service.

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