Merging technology and healthcare expertise to bring an unrivalled patient experience

Microsoft and Capita Healthcare Decisions combine the power of AI chat bots with clinical decision support knowledge to address today’s most pressing healthcare challenges

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World Class Partnership

A world-class partnership

The Microsoft and Capita Healthcare Decisions partnership will see the integration of Capita Healthcare Decisions’ clinical decision support content into Azure Health Bot, Microsoft’s AI-powered medical intelligence chat bot, part of their Health Cloud platform.

Capita Healthcare Decisions’ clinical decision support capability has handled over 100 million patient interactions to date and is used globally by leading healthcare organisations such as the NHS in the UK, Pena Verde in Mexico and Healthdirect in Australia amongst others.

Addressing healthcare challenges for today and the future

Through this game changing partnership, we will jointly be able to support healthcare organisations with:

  1. Reducing pressure on emergency departments and general practice
  2. Reducing costs without compromising service quality
  3. Improving resource and process efficiency, particularly when rapid scaling is required to deal with pandemics or health crises
Addressing healthcare challenges
Patient outcomes

Keeping patient outcomes front and centre

With 24×7 availability, Health Bot directs patients to the most appropriate care option and empowers them to self-care where possible. Analysis of all interactions with our content shows that in ~20% of instances, patients are accurately and safely guided to a self-care or health information outcome instead of seeking a further medical appointment, saving them time and treating them quickly.

This offering also gives users the flexibility to access information on different devices and channels, ensuring a seamless and uncompromised experience no matter where they may be.

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