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Clinical Content Suite

Our WebGuides clinical content suite supports efficient and effective clinical self-assessment of a patient’s presenting symptoms remotely, either via the web or by using an app.

Our evidence based algorithms incorporate various logic elements and available information about the patient (such as age and gender, medical history and more) to ensure that only relevant and most pertinent questions are presented.

Mobile device user

Step 1: Please select the age and gender of the person being triaged or continue with the randomly chosen age and gender below:


Step 2: Please select the most prominent symptom

Please choose one of the available algorithms below, these have been determined by the age and gender selected on the previous page (, ).
A user would select the most urgent symptom i.e. if someone had both leg and chest pain, then chest pain would typically be determined the priority.

Please select an available algorithm to start.


Please note: Going back will reset the gender/age to a random selection.

This demo offers a sample of the algorithms which are available in the full version, a complete list of all our algorithms is shown below.

Algorithms available in full version

If you'd like further information, or to talk to us about our clinical content suite, click here to contact us.

Abdominal Injury

Abdominal Pain Adult

Abdominal Pain Child (Age 1-16 years)

Allergic Reactions


Ankle Injury

Ankle Pain or Swelling


Arm Injury

Arm Pain or Swelling

Asymptomatic Diabetes

Back Injury

Back Pain

Behaviour Change


Bites Dog

Bites Human

Bites Insect

Bites or Scratches Cat

Bites Snake

Bites Wild Animal


Breast Problems Female

Breast Problems Male

Breathing Problems Adult

Breathing Problems Baby (Age 0-1 year)

Breathing Problems Child (Age 5-16 years)

Breathing Problems Toddler (Age 1-4 years)



Calf Pain

Chest Injury

Chest Pain

Colds and Flu Adult

Colds and Flu Child (Age 1-16 years)


Constipation Adult and Child

Constipation Baby - Age 0-1 year

Constipation Toddler - Age 1-4 years

Contraceptive Enquiry

Cough Adult

Cough Baby (Age 0-1 year)

Cough Child (Age 5-16 years)

Cough Toddler (Age 1-4 years)

Crisis Call Assault or Violence

Dental Problems


Diarrhoea Adult

Diarrhoea Baby (Age 0-1 year)

Diarrhoea Child (Age 5-16 years)

Diarrhoea Toddler (Age 1-4 years)

Dizziness or Vertigo


Dysuria Female Adult

Dysuria Male Adult

Ear Problem


Elbow Injury

Elbow Pain or Swelling

Excessive Sweating

Eye Problem

Facial Injury

Facial Pain or Swelling

Fainting or Syncope



Fever Adult

Fever Baby (Age 0-1 year)

Fever Child (Age 5-16 years)

Fever Toddler (Age 1-4 years)

Finger Injury

Finger Pain or Swelling

Flank Pain


Foot Injury

Foot Pain or Swelling

Foot Problems with Diabetes

Groin Pain or Swelling





Hand Injury

Hand Pain or Swelling

Head Injury

Headache Adult

Headache Child (Age 3-16 years)



Hip Pain or Buttock Pain


Immunisation Reactions

Ingestion Foreign Body

Ingestion Toxic Substance

Inhalation Injury


Jaw Pain or Temporomandibular Joint Pain

Knee Injury

Knee Pain

Leg Injury

Leg Pain


Male Sexual Dysfunction

Medical Devices and Equipment


Mole Change

Mouth Problems

Muscle Problems

Nail Problems

Nasal Congestion Adult and Child

Nasal Congestion Baby (Age 0-1 year)

Nasal Congestion Toddler (Age 1-4 years)

Neck Injury

Neck Pain or Swelling




Penile Problems

Postoperative Problems

Postoperative Problems Baby and Child

Postpartum Problem

Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy Nausea or Vomiting

Pregnancy Vaginal Bleeding

Pregnancy Vaginal Discharge

Rash Adult

Rash Baby (Age 0-1 year)

Rash Child (Age 5-16 years)

Rash Toddler (Age 1-4 years)

Rectal Problems


Shoulder Pain or Swelling

Sinus Pain

Skin Problems

Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems Child (0-9 years)

Smell or Taste Disturbance

Sore Throat Adult

Sore Throat Child (Age 5-16 years)

Sore Throat Toddler (Age 1-4 years)


Suicide Ideation

Sun or Heat Exposure

Testicular Pain or Swelling

Toe Injury

Unwell or Irritable Adult and Child

Unwell or Irritable Baby (Age 3-12 months)

Unwell or Irritable Newborn (Age 0-3 months)

Urinary Problems Adult

Urinary Problems Female Child (Age 5-16 years)

Urogenital Problems Male Child (Age 5-16 years)

Urogenital Problems Toddler (Age 1-4 years)

Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal Bleeding Child (Age 5-8 years)

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal Discharge Child (Age 5-8 years)

Vomiting Adult

Vomiting Baby (Age 0-1 year)

Vomiting Child (Age 5-16 years)

Vomiting Toddler (Age 1-4 years)

Wound Problems

Wrist Injury

Wrist Pain or Swelling

Zika Virus