Capita DMS

Powerful, flexible decision management system

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Powerful, flexible decision management system

From high risk, time critical environments such as medical emergency assessment, to business process workflows, our Decision Management System (DMS) is fully customisable to your needs. Build and manage the decision support you need simply, and publish across multiple channels.

Whether decisions are made by people or software they must be made accurately and consistently. Our DMS is an authoring and presentation software application, enabling you to create custom and complex decision support algorithms with ease.

DMS guides the user through a series of questions and rationales, gathering information and quickly and efficiently reaching an appropriate ‘outcome’. With our proven, scalable technology you have complete flexibility and control.

DMS Features

Authoring with DMS

DMS Composer’s visual design environment enables you to quickly and easily create, edit, test and manage the processes and workflows used within your business. The process of creating content in Composer is intuitive and fully auditable.

Publishing with DMS

After developing and testing your processes in the composer, your algorithms are ready to publish to your users. At run-time, DMS selects the algorithm to process, presents the first question, and from the answer to that question determines the next question or information to collect. The system guides users through the questions – and provides reasoning, to quickly and efficiently reach an outcome.

Multi-Channel Display

Once you have developed and exposed your content, DMS has an open Application Programming Interface (API) enabling you to easily integrate your users into third party systems, or make your content available via the web. This capability has allowed our customers to implement decision support into web applications, CRM systems and other third party solutions.

Where DMS can help

  • Nurse led contact centre environments – to enable consistent, safe assessment of a patient’s symptoms, and direction to appropriate care.
  • Pandemic solutions – guiding concerned callers to the right level of care, and giving directions for self-care if appropriate.
  • Social care – helping decision makers on eligibility and level of support required for a patient or service user.
  • On-line intelligent forms – automate long and difficult paper based assessments.
  • SMS assessment – triage patients via SMS.
  • Healthcare apps – deliver health advice and information for patients via apps.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Automate and streamline business decisions and processes
  • Fully scalable
  • Auditable
  • Enables you to respond quickly to changes in practices and processes
  • Minimises clinical risk
  • Supports any language
  • Open API allowing multi-channel, multi-device delivery

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