Integrated Urgent Care

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Integrated care

Providing patients and healthcare professionals with a centralised service for accessing and co-ordinating care is not a new concept – the technology exists.

Our solution is quick to deploy, scalable and flexible. The solution ensures the most appropriate triage, co-ordinates the next steps on the patient’s pathway and facilitates access to allied healthcare professionals – from pharmacists to physiotherapists.

Safer, Faster, Better

With our solution healthcare professionals can safely handle large volumes of calls – and give reassurance and advice to patients through expert clinical advice. Integration with urgent care services ensures co-ordinated and responsive care at the right time.

Supporting Patient Choice

Enabling patients to access robust, accredited healthcare advice from home, on the devices they use everyday, means they are more likely to seek advice about their symptoms. Seamless integration allows a call handler to continue the assessment from where the patient left off.

Proactive Intervention

Pro-active intervention and supported self care reduces the pressures on surgeries and emergency rooms for minor injuries. High risk patients can easily be identified and given the support they need, from locating the nearest field nurse to automating prescriptions and patient notifications.

Improved Outcomes

Increased support and effective monitoring of long term conditions leads to patients seeing the results – and becoming engaged in their own health.


Assessment through multiple channels
Single record to enable a complete view of the patient
Consistent approach to assessment of symptoms, priorities and signposting of care pathways
Pro-actively supports those who are unwell but can self care
Reduces the pressure on surgeries and emergency rooms for minor complaints
Encourages patients to become engaged in their own health
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