Telephone triage – telehealth assessment & advice

Telephone-based patient assessment is revolutionising healthcare across the world, enabling patients to quickly access quality health advice and support over the phone, relieving the pressure on public healthcare systems.

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How does it work?

Capita Healthcare Decisions’ Salus Teletriage Suite combines an intuitive user interface and patient record system with sophisticated clinical decision support protocols to guide trained call handlers, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals
through a safe, efficient assessment of a patient’s symptoms over the telephone. Offering an appealing user experience for clinicians and call handlers, you have the integrated tools you need to promote wellness across communities.

Widen your reach whilst making better use of resources

Telephone-based assessment makes it possible to provide accessible, personable advice whilst taking the pressure off public healthcare systems. By directing patients to the most suitable healthcare, our teletriage suite helps reduce unnecessary emergency and doctor visits, cuts waiting times and frees up resources for serious cases.

Offer an excellent patient experience

Telephone-based patient assessment is convenient, instantly accessible and has been shown to be highly acceptable to patients. Our solution is especially helpful to patients who find it difficult to get to a healthcare facility and/or when geographical distances separating the patient and doctor are great. Salus TeleGuides makes it possible to provide safe, consistent, remote healthcare, offering a realistic means of providing timely advice at the point it’s needed. This also helps to offer patients reassurance, helping to reduce misconceptions and anxiety about their symptoms.

The Technology Behind NHS Direct

For some 20 years, our decision support software has been trusted across the globe to support 100 million patient encounters, including revolutionising access to 24 hour health advice in the UK via NHS Direct, the largest telephone triage system in the world. In one year the service saved 1.5 million inappropriate visits to emergency departments, and 1.9 million unnecessary GP consultations, amounting to savings of £213 million.

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