Telephone Triage – Telehealth Assessment & Advice

Telephone-based patient assessment is revolutionising healthcare across the world. Patients can quickly access quality health advice and support over the phone, relieving the pressure on public healthcare systems.

Customisable How Does It Work?

Our healthcare contact centre solution combines an intuitive patient record and relationship management solution with sophisticated clinical decision support protocols. In practice the application guides call handlers, nurses or GPs through a safe, efficient assessment of a patient’s symptoms and recommends the right level of care within an appropriate period of time. Patients are also provided with definitive or interim care advice, as well as instructions about what to do if their condition worsens.

TeleGuides Logo White Final HIRES Reducing the Cost of Healthcare

Telephone assessment also has a profound impact on the end to end cost of healthcare provision. By directing patients to the most suitable, cost-effective sites of care, or advice about how to manage their health at home if appropriate, our solutions are reducing unnecessary Emergency Department and GP visits, cutting waiting times and freeing up emergency services to deal with serious cases.

100m Exceptional Patient Experience

Telephone assessment has been shown to have high levels of acceptability to the patients. For them it is convenient, instantly accessible and, if delivered well, a personable service. Our service is especially helpful to patients that find it difficult to get to a healthcare facility. When geographical distances separating the patient and doctor are great, this may be the only realistic means of seeking urgent advice.

NHS DirectThe Technology Behind NHS Direct

Our solutions have revolutionised access to 24 hour health advice in the UK. Working in close partnership with the NHS, we designed the decision support system that underpinned the ground-breaking NHSDirect service, the largest health contact centre in the world. In a single year the service saved 1.5 million inappropriate visits to A&E and 1.9 million unnecessary GP consultations, amounting to savings of £213 million to the NHS by directing patients to the most appropriate place for their needs.

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