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Capita Healthcare Decisions integrates healthcare content into Microsoft’s Azure Health Bot platform

By 17/11/2021February 22nd, 2022No Comments
Capita Healthcare Decisions integrates healthcare content into Microsoft’s Azure Health Bot platform

Capita Healthcare Decisions today announces a partnership with Microsoft that will see the integration of its clinical content into Azure Health Bot, part of Microsoft’s Health Cloud platform.

Capita Healthcare Decisions is recognised globally for its quality and produces medical and peer-reviewed content that is reviewed and updated by an internal team of doctors and nurses to ensure robust clinical governance.

Health Bot, available through Microsoft Azure, provides AI-powered medical data which is used by some of the largest healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and tele-medicine services in the world.

Delivering better patient outcomes at a greater scale and cost-effectiveness is at the heart of the new partnership.

Health Bot users can gain access to Capita Healthcare Decisions’ content, meaning providers have access to the evidence-based healthcare content service. Saving the patient time is a key goal of the collaboration; and simple, everyday language will be used in the place of clinical and medical terminology – to deliver a more user-centric approach and promote ease of understanding.

Capita Healthcare Decisions’ content on Health Bot is customisable and adaptable to regional healthcare needs. It uses AI to pre-empt a wide variety of patient conditions and emergencies and underpins 164 symptom-based algorithms and over 40 scenarios ranging from ‘call an ambulance’ to ‘self-care’. There are 500 sets of care instructions which include appropriate medical information and guidance on what a person should do in the event of symptoms worsening.

As well as immediate access to safe and reliable health advice, the service gives users the flexibility to access information on different devices and channels, ensuring a swift referral to appropriate care. By design, Health Bot aims to reduce the risk to patients of ‘self-triage’ – the process by which a person evaluates their own health concerns to determine what they should do next.

Health Bot is available via Microsoft’s Cloud for Heathcare, a platform that provides the structure which supports health information and patient management across healthcare organisations and health providers, both public and private.

Steve Fearon, CEO of Capita Health Decisions, said:

“We are proud and excited that our relationship with Microsoft continues to grow and strengthen. With this collaboration of our world-leading clinical content, available within the Microsoft health ecosystem, we have recognised the need to provide instant access to safe and accurate medical and peer reviewed content to support positive health outcomes. We are seeing just how vital the need for this offering has become, especially at a time of growing misinformation online.

“We see this collaboration as a great opportunity for organisations to completely transform and revolutionise access to healthcare, levelling the playing field in terms of equity in access to the most up to date health guidance, and ensuring that health resources are optimised to drive clinical and operational efficiency and effectiveness”

Hadas Bitran, Partner Group Manager at Microsoft Health and Life Sciences, said:

“Capita’s content is a valuable asset in the Health Bot service that empowers healthcare organisations to assist in triaging and directing patients to the appropriate level of care and to navigate the services available to them. Timely access to quality medical information saves lives; and deepening our relationship with Capita will further strengthen the patient-centric approach that is fundamental to our Health Bot service.”

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