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We understand what good looks like and will show you how to achieve it.

A journey of transformation working with CHKS team will help you create a culture where quality improvement features everyday, and safe, high quality care delivered by engaged attentive staff is the standard.  We know you want to give the best patient, service user care, and we will guide you to achieve this.

Healthcare quality standards

Our CHKS team have been at the forefront of developing and implementing accreditation and certification programmes for health and care facilities for over 25 years. The standards which are the foundations of the programme cover the core principles of healthcare delivery including

  • Patient safety
  • Quality Improvement
  • Leadership
  • Governance and Effective Management
  • Developing Staff
  • Managing Risk

CHKS General Standards 2021

Section 1: Organisational Leadership and Management

Section 2: Risk and Safety

Section 3: Patient Centered Care

Section 4: Facilities and Site Services

Section 5: Service Governance

Standard 1: Leadership and management
Standard 2: Quality and governance
Standard 3: Financial management
Standard 4: Human resources
Standard 5: Education, training and development of staff

Standard 6: Risk management
Standard 7: Health and safety
Standard 8: Fire safety
Standard 9: Waste management
Standard 10: Clinical risk management and patient safety
Standard 11: Resuscitation
Standard 12: Management of medicines and pharmacy service
Standard 13: Medical devices, medical equipment, and decontamination
Standard 14: Infection Prevention and Control
Standard 15: Information technology and governance

Standard 16: Patient pathway
Standard 17: Person centred care
Standard 18: Patient rights and needs
Standard 19: Information for patients
Standard 20: Clinical records

Standard 21: Environment, equipment (non-medical), and facilities management
Standard 22: Security
Standard 23: Catering services
Standard 24: Housekeeping
Standard 25: Reception and telecommunications

Standard 26: Service Governance

We continually seek external professional input into the standards development process. If you are interested in getting involved, please email  for more information.

Who can benefit?

Our standards apply to a great range of providers of health and care services including, but not limited to:

Acute hospitals

Care homes


Oncology centres


Radiotherapy physics departments

Addiction treatment centres

Mental health providers

Providers of primary care services

Cruise ship medicine services

How to start your transformation?

The Badge of Accreditation not only provides assurance to your stakeholders, the programme offers a practical framework for continuous improvement and sustainable quality. We use our internationally recognised healthcare standards to guide you on a journey to achieve better outcomes for your organisation. Through an assessment of your current performance against these standards, you can create a prioritised improvement plan. On completion you will be awarded CHKS accreditation and ISO9001 certification.

Supported by dedicated quality lead auditors and assessed by our independent team of clinical and health management professionals, our accreditation programmes provide a highly effective tool for driving up quality, safety and a positive patient experience.

Client Success stories

Case study – Galway Hospice

Taking staff on the accreditation journey has led to significant quality improvements at Galway Hospice Foundation


Case study – Centric Health

How CHKS accreditation is helping Centric Health demonstrate commitment to its values and give greater confidence to partners, clients and patients


Case study – Tabor Lodge

How a bespoke accreditation programme has helped the Tabor Group ensure its treatment centres are meeting best practice standards


Our quality promise to you

You need complete confidence that your accreditation provider assessing the quality in your organisation has the right skills, knowledge and capability. We are accredited by UKAS to ISO17021:2011 and can award ISO 9001 certification to healthcare organisations.

ISQua accreditation

We have achieved accreditation to ISQua standards for our organisation and our standards. CHKS Assurance & Accreditation service has been accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA). The accreditation demonstrates CHKS meets the international best practice requirements for a health care accreditation programme.

The CHKS Standards for Health and Care Organisations have been accredited by IEEA. The evaluation demonstrates that the CHKS standards meet international best practice requirements and are accredited until 2023.

IEEA Accredited Organisation 2021-2025
IEEA Accredited Standards 2019-2023

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