Outstanding clinical services need outstanding admin support processes.

Errors in waiting lists, clinical coding or patient records create unnecessary clinical and financial risk. These risks can compromise the service quality and reputation of a healthcare provider, not to mention generating significant unnecessary costs. We believe that ‘right first time’ should be the only acceptable standard for clinical administrative processes.

Healthcare decisions offers a range of world class, proven administrative services that can be delivered on or off site to drive up efficiency and maximise admin team productivity. We guarantee that your clinical administrative processes will be robust and that the administrative function is delivered in the most cost-effective way by highly trained, experienced teams.

Clinical coding and data quality

We ensure gold-standard data and payment accuracy in healthcare and are the largest private provider of clinical coding services in the UK.

Our experienced team of qualified clinical coders audit coding departments and patient records to provide assurance of quality and accuracy, offering advice and corrective action to help you get your data right first time. We also provide extra coding capacity to make sure coding and data quality standards are continuously maintained.

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CHC invoicing process automation

Our unique CHC invoicing tool is proven to reduce costs and optimise staff capacity. By connecting the patient care record to your finance system and automating the invoicing process, we guarantee that invoice information is right first time and that you pay the correct amount for the care delivered. No more duplicate payments, invoice errors or payments for patients who are no longer receiving care. A proven solution to high volumes of non-value added admin and challenged financial control.

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