Telephone-based patient assessment is revolutionising healthcare across the world. Patients can quickly access quality health advice and support over the phone, relieving the pressure on public healthcare systems.

Telephone assessment has been shown to have high levels of acceptability to patients. For them it is a convenient, instantly accessible and personal service. Our service is especially helpful to patients that find it difficult to get to a healthcare facility. When geographical distances separating the patient and doctor are great, this may be the only realistic means of seeking urgent advice.

We can meet the needs of a small single call centre, or a national service, enabling you to reach out to your patients and provide them with a safe but active role in their own care.

TeleGuides Content Our TeleGuides Content

Our TeleGuides content will guide a call taker (who can be a doctor, nurse or non-clinically trained call handler) through the relevant questions which relate to the callers health or the health of a third party. The questions are structured so that the most important questions are asked first. The algorithmic approach we use has inbuilt logic, which takes into account the response to the preceding question. This leads the call taker to the most appropriate next question and minimises call time, frees up advisers and reduces cost through improved staff efficiencies, whilst maintaining consistent and safe care for patients.

100m Safe & Trusted

All content is created and updated by our in-house clinical team. We have a proven safety record in 100 million patient encounters.

  • ISO Accredited
  • IS Accredited

We are the creators of the NHS Direct software which has benefited over 50 million people in England, Wales and Scotland and was the largest telephone triage system in the world. Our clinical content is well established and is constantly updated.

Customisable Customisable

Our clinical content algorithms are built within a customisable interface which allows for adaptation of the content to meet local needs, and content can be tailored for each customer.

Robust Clinical Governance

Robust clinical governance processes underpin our content management. Our internal clinical authoring team of doctors and nurses review relevant evidence and create or revise content as required. Proposed revisions are peer reviewed by a minimum of 2 qualified or allied health care providers. – before being submitted to the Clinical Governance Board for final approval prior to testing and publishing.