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Salus Content: WebGuides

Safe, multi-channel health self-assessments and advice

Salus Content WebGuides provides an intuitive multi-channel health service to patients, allowing them to check their symptoms and receive advice about what to do next.

By directing patients to the right care at the right time, WebGuides offers a proven, cost effective solution for reducing waiting times and unnecessary appointments while improving outcomes for patients.

There are always times when people have health concerns but are unsure whether to see a doctor – by providing easy to use, safe online symptom assessments, WebGuides empowers patients to take care of their health.

Globally our decision support technology has handled over 100 million patient assessments, making it the most extensively used and trusted health assessment solution in the world.

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How does it work?

WebGuides automates the type of health assessment and triage traditionally done by a doctor or nurse, with helpful links and explanations providing further information during the assessment.

Patients enter their age, gender, and symptoms, and are guided through a series of questions to determine the next level of care.

At the end of the assessment, patients receive clear guidance on next steps e.g. urgent instructions (such as go to the emergency department), make an appointment with a doctor/nurse, speak to a pharmacist or self-care.

WebGuides can also show the nearest care provider (hospitals, doctor surgeries, pharmacies) offering the services they need.

Reduce demand and costs

In the UK, unnecessary A&E attendances and missed appointments account for a staggering £1 billion of total healthcare costs every year.

WebGuides relieves pressure on GP services, emergency departments and ambulance services by directing patients to the most appropriate care, often empowering them to self-care safely.

In addition to generating substantial capacity savings in primary care, increased self-care allows GPs to spend more time assisting patients with more complex health needs.

Safe, proven clinical advice approved by medical experts and lay reviews

WebGuides provides authoritative medical information, created and maintained by in-house clinical editorial team, external panel of medical experts and a patient panel. WebGuides is continuously updated to reflect the latest medical evidence and best practice.


• Immediate access to safe health advice
• Fewer unnecessary appointments
• Urgent care is sought quickly
• Minimises clinical risk
• Empowers patients to take care of their health
• Easy to understand health information and advice