Our WebGuides content provides an intuitive online service to patients, allowing them to check their symptoms and receive advice about what to do next.

More and more of us are seeking health advice online. Our WebGuides content takes the guess work and risk out of searching for health advice in an unregulated environment.

Evidence-based decision support algorithms accurately assess the severity of the patient’s symptoms in as few steps as possible, to reach a defined clinical end-point, recommending next steps according to best medical practice.

How it works How Does It Work?

Our WebGuides content automates the health assessment and triage process that would have traditionally been done by a doctor or nurse. Patients enter their age, gender, and symptoms, and are guided through a series of questions to determine severity and possible causes. During the assessment process help links and rationales give further information, aiding understanding.

Clear Guidance Clear Guidance

At the end of the assessment, patients receive clear guidance on the care they need and instructions on what to do next, such as:

  • Self care information about how to look after themselves and manage their symptoms
  • Advice to visit their GP or another healthcare professional within a specified time
  • Urgent instructions, such as call for an ambulance or go to the emergency department

These outcomes are accompanied by care advice on how to treat or relieve symptoms and what to do if symptoms are not resolved within an anticipated time frame.

Reducing Demand Reducing Demand and Costs

Unnecessary appointments account for 27% of total healthcare costs every year.

Our WebGuides directs patients to the most appropriate service and empowers them to self-care, relieving pressure on hard pressed GPs and A & E departments.

Offering WebGuides as part of your online patient experience provides an alternative and convenient way for them to access quality health advice without needing to attend an Emergency Department or wait for a GP appointment.

Self Assessment Safely Supporting Self Care

Our health content is created and maintained by our team of expert clinicians and is founded on current evidence-based practice.

Because it is web based, WebGuides can be quickly updated to react to changing medical research and on-going best practice, meaning patients can be assured of the best advice.


  • Gives immediate access to safe health advice
  • Multi-channel and multi device self triage
  • Reduces unnecessary appointments
  • Ensures urgent care is sought quickly
  • Provides reassurance and peace of mind
  • Minimises clinical risk
  • Empowers patients to take care of their health
  • Easy to understand health information and advice