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Vodafone Ghana launches ‘Healthline 255’ to improve quality of life

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New service offers expert medical advice around the clock thanks to Capita.

Capita’s Healthcare decisions business has today announced the successful launch of Healthline 255. The service is the first mobile call-centre in Africa which uses Capita technology to offer real-time quality clinical advice and assistance.

The new service from Vodafone Ghana provides a team of qualified clinicians who assess callers needs, offer them advice and direct them to the most appropriate form of care available. This encourages and empowers Ghanaians to be at the centre of their own healthcare, and ensures that the costs associated with complications due to late presentations, misguided advice or inappropriate access of healthcare services are minimised.

The Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Haris Broumidis, says, “We appreciate that Ghanaians are very passionate about their health and we want to offer them the platform to discuss all their healthcare concerns with professionals who will give them the right attention. This bold initiative will impact positively on our customers”.

Andrew Lockwood Managing Director of Capita’s Healthcare decisions business says, “I am very proud of the work we have done alongside Vodafone Ghana in offering the country an efficient mobile healthcare advice service of the highest standards to help improve the quality of life in Ghana. We were delighted to work with Healthline 225’s Medical Director Dr Byrite Asamoah to customise the content for the population’s healthcare needs.”

“We are also confident the country’s health system will benefit from the service as others from around the world have done.”“We are also confident the country’s health system will benefit from the service as others from around the world have done. By having a system in place which opens access and offers high quality, evidence based assessment, callers can be directed without delay to the most appropriate place for their needs and precious resources and limited healthcare budgets will stretch further. In the UK, the government saved £150 million in one year by directing patients to the most appropriate place for their needs through the NHS Direct service.”

Healthline 255 is based on a hugely successful Ghanaian television programme called Healthline and has been endorsed by the country’s Minister for Health, Sherry Ayittey who visited the call centre when it opened on September 25, 2013.

The service is based in Accra and provides guidance for general health and condition related questions from callers.

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