Waiting list management and RTT

How confident are you in the accuracy of your waiting lists and RTT performance reporting? From a clinical governance perspective, are you confident that all your patients have received the treatment they need – when they needed it?

A combination of poor operational processes, complex systems and misinterpretation means we often have an unclear view of waiting lists. This creates clinical risk and service inefficiency.

Our Cymbio team helps trusts improve patient administration information and processes to increase waiting list accuracy and RTT pathway reporting.

We collect data from multiple sources across the trust and present a true picture of each patient pathway in a web-based dashboard.

Once we have identified errors and data quality issues along the pathway, our NHS experts will work with you to correct data and develop standard administration processes. They will train your team to ensure processes are embedded in daily working practices and improvements are sustained.

Once improvement work is complete, the Cymbio dashboard provides a crucial monitoring tool to ensure you stay on track. With improved data and daily updates you can have complete confidence in the information you are using for performance reporting and decision making.

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