Clinical Content Consultancy

We have been developing market leading innovative solutions supporting health services for the last 16 years. Our software has completed over 100 million safe patient transactions, across 5 continents and supporting 320 million people globally.

Our flexible clinical decision support software, patient relationship management solutions and clinical content can be used across the world in a number of service models, and across a number of channels.  Across the globe this has enabled us to provide tailor made clinical solutions to HealthDirect, Saude24 and NHT24 to name but a few.

Whether you need your clinical content updating, or require the development of a clinical content set – we have the necessary skills and experience.

Our Content Knowledge Our Experience and Expert Resource

  • Evidence based medicine including BMJ Clinical Evidence and The Cochrane library.
  • Clinical decision support including BMJ Best Practice and Essential Evidence Plus.
  • Clinical Guidelines including NICE External Accreditation, and close collaboration with guideline producing UK Medical Colleges.
  • Expert opinion including The Lancet and our TeleGuides.
  • Drug Data including the BNF and BNFc.
  • Patient and Carer information including BMJ Best Health and our WebGuides.

Our Updating Process Our Updating Process

  • Tailored Updating Programs – identifying and updating each specific content element which needs updating, when it needs updating.
  • Specified Updating Frequency – defined by content type and user requirements.
  • Varied Input Streams – updating based on expert review, user-feedback, and bio-medical database search.
  • Literature Surveillance – designing efficient database search strategies to power updating programs.
  • Global Experts – identification and liaison with individual and networked groups of world leading clinical experts.
  • Critical Appraisal – assessment of input streams to ensure updates are made on the basis of credible information.
  • Sophisticated Editorial Processes – multi-stage editorial workflows with clinical risk management including multi-level editorial sign-off.

Our Content Creation Our Content Creation

  • Global Experts – identification and liaison with individual and groups of world leading clinical experts to create and review clinical content.
  • Editorial Teams – highly skilled editorial teams ranging in size from 5 to 50 members to achieve on-time and on-budget editorial projects at scale.
  • Multiple Content Types – proven approach to selecting and combining different content types
  • Sophisticated Editorial Processes – multi-stage editorial workflows with clinical risk management including multi-level editorial sign-off.

About the Technology About The Technology

  • Editing – we use a state of the art, proprietary content management and editing system which allows us to process editorial changes rapidly with well-defined audit trails. We are able to deliver content in a range of different digital formats to suit user requirements.
  • Content functionalisation – our in-house software packages are renowned for their ability to take static clinical content, for examples guidelines, protocols, or other documented clinical workflows and transform them into dynamic interactive workflow tools to lead users through well-defined auditable processes. Functionalising content in this way leads to increased compliance with the recommended process and so to better outcomes and resource utilisation.

About Our Training About Our Training

  • Expert trainers – our clinical content team are experts in training experienced and novice content users about the principles behind the creation, updating, and use of clinical content in a broad range of clinical and academic environments.
  • Global Experience – our experience in this area is global and we have delivered lectures, symposia, and direct training at many prestigious institutions around the world.
  • Team Training – we can train your team to become experts in these tasks and support them as their knowledge and experience grows.
  • Customised Programs – we can provide one-off training sessions or an ongoing regular interaction to ensure content assets are efficiently and safely managed.

our team About Our Clinical Team

Our clinical team has the experience, skills and credentials to create or update and maintain your clinical content set.


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